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Monday, 21 December 2009 07:12
PT. Elang Mahkota Teknologi that is known by EMTEK is our holding company, and we have sister companies under EMTEK, such as :
  1. Logo - PT. Abhimata MadiatamaPT. Abhimata Mediatama
    a holding company for PT. Surya Citra Media. PT. Surya Citra Media operates as multimedia SMS aggregator for media broadcasters, and is active in movie production for serials and theatrical movies. The Company is also formed as holding company for PT. Surya Citra Television ( SCTV ), the second largest TV broadcast station in Indonesia which host more than 160 million viewers nationwide. PT.Surya Citra Television has more than 36 transmitter stations in the country to well cover more than 250 cities, and employs about 1200 staff.

  2. PT. Abhimata Persada
    an Information Technology Provider, which provides variety of modern banking solutions such as Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Point Of Sales (POS), teller routing, telebanking and credit card systems.

  3. PT. Eka Prasarana Primatel
    a Telecommunication Industry Services company, partnering with one of the biggest SIM card supplier in the world.

  4. PT. Bitnet Komunikasindo
    an Internet Service Provider company, providing innovative cyber solutions including Internet banking and e-commerce. As host to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Bozz.com, Bitnet provides companies and individual subscribers with premium Internet services. Also attributed to PT. Bitnet Komunikasindo is ketawaketiwi.com, a popular local humor site and iklanbaris.co.id, the country's first and most comprehensive, web-based classified ad service which boasts over 25 separate categories and accommodates in excess of ten thousand visitors per day making it one of the most actively accessed of local websites. The company sites are accessible via mobile apparatus, through cooperation with Telkomsel and Indosat.

  5. PT. Tangara Mitrakom
    a VSAT & Network Solution Provider offering satellite and terrestrial based communications between customers' central locations and their geographically dispersed sites. At present, PT. Tangara Mitrakom holds a packed switch terrestrial license that sphere of telecommunication and information technology. Using some of the most advanced technologies, the company prepares to provide its corporate customers across the country with VPN, broadband and high-speed Internet access. As a total Network Solutions Provider, PT. Tangara Mitrakom offers consultancy, network planning, system integration, installation and operation for VSAT, Broadband Wireless and Broadband ADSL. Within the same sphere of operations is PT. Tangara Lintas Buana, a widely used public payphone systems operator.

  6. PT. Sakalaguna Semesta
    a joint venture company with Telechoice ( STT Group - Singapore ). This company is working in partnership with PT. Indosat, the company is selling voucher and starter pack (GSM and CDMA prepaid and postpaid card) for mobile phones. Understanding the need for its presence close to its customers, the company has created “I’M SHOP” outlets in 27 points, located in major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Medan and Surabaya. The outlets are expanding rapidly in order to catch the high demand of Indosat’s SIM cards all over Indonesia.

  7. PT. Astika Lintas Buana
    is the multimedia division that launched a city centric, Jakarta relevant channel TV broadcasting, PT. Omni Intivision (O Channel). The Channel is extremely focused in its direction, with a concentration on quality lifestyle and entertainment programming, such as music, celebrity entertainment and fashion as well as news. O Channel will have a unique and highly visible studio set up that will integrate with its programming presentation. The aim of the channel is to provide a new standard of television, focused on and seeking to directly engage the people of Greater Jakarta.
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