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Cellular Telecommunication Services

Since 1997 we have experienced in implementing more than 3000 BTS including BSC and Transcoder sites of the cellular network. The services of cellular telecommunication provided by Abhimata Citra Abadi are as follows:

Warehouse and Logistic Services

PT. Abhimata Citra Abadi has experienced in delivering PT. Nokia (Now known as PT NSN) Telecommunication’s materials and equipment to numerous sites in Indonesia. Our warehouse and logistic services division’s target is to meet all the contractual commitments and even exceed the customer’s expectation in designing and deploying a cost effective supply chain.

Our transportation services cover all aspect of materials and equipment from plants/warehouses to warehouses/sites or from sites back to warehouses or redeployment in other locations.

PT. Abhimata Citra Abadi provides the following services:
  1. Shipment from ex factory to Indonesia including custom clearance and bonded warehousing services.
  2. Domestic Transportation (air, sea and road) Collect goods from customer’s warehouses and deliver to other warehouses or sites or any other locations within and outside the state as specified by the customer and vice versa.
  3. Warehouse Central and Regional Warehousing Store the electronic modules in covered storage/warehouse with stable temperature, controlled humidity, clean and in good order.
  4. Packing/Loading and unloading at sites/customers warehouses Collect goods from customer’s plant and deliver to warehouses, sites or any other locations specified by customer.
  5. IT System for Warehouse and Logistic Services IT system to track and record all aspect of stock quantity, stock movements, stock location, POD (proof of delivery) KPI and documentation. Database can be assessed via internet anywhere in the world.

Site Acquisition (SITAC) Services

Provides site identification, site evaluation and verification towards potential sites candidates of wireless telecommunication network.
Identify, resolve and negotiating all issues concerning the access and utility availability of the site, including complete supporting documentation, to legally utilize the property for the intended purpose.

Supplying all required documents and responsible for providing final permit for the site to be constructed comply with the local laws and regulations requirements.

Civil Mechanical and Electrical (CME) Services

Provides construction work of the cellular telecommunication site including the mechanical and electrical works. The services will include materials, labor, supervision, equipment, tools and all related requirement to design, construct, and erect the cellular telecommunication network to meet the specification agreed.

BTS Services

  1. Installation Provides installation of BTS Hardware to Cellular Infrastructure. The installation consist of cellular antenna, equipment installation including cabling.
  2. Commissioning Provides testing the BTS systems and functions. Also prepares BTS in ready condition to be integrated.
  3. Integration to the Network Provide to do the integration ready equipment to network provider.

BSC Services

  1. Installation Provide to install BSC Hardware to Cellular Infrastructure between Base Tranceivers System and Transcoder. The installation consist of rack installation and cabling to transmission DDF and Transcoder DDF.
  2. Commissioning Provide to do commissioning.

Transcoder (TRAU) Services

  1. Installation Provide to install Transcoder Hardware to Cellular Infrastructure between Base Station Controllers and Mobile Switching Central. The installation consist of rack installation and cabling to Base Station Controller and Mobile Switching System
  2. Commissioning assistant Provide to give assistant to commissioner

Radio Network Planning & Optimization services

  1. Initial network planning for the new coverage area
  2. Network Dimensioning and determine site deployment
  3. Site Survey and Site Selection
  4. Frequency planning and BSS parameter
  5. Drive Test for network performance measurement
  6. Analyze the performance data for network optimization
  7. Traffic forecasting based on marketing projection and/or existing traffic growth trend.

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