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Our Solutions

Transmission Vsat Services

We have involved in VSAT services since 1995.

  1. Hub Installation
    Integrating Sub system on VSAT Network HUB including Hub equipment installation, inter sub system connectivity, HUB component’s parameter setting, Network Management Systems (NMS) parameter setting and Pilot Remote (Collocated) test.

  2. Remote Installation
    Installation, Pointing, Commissioning and Integration VSAT remote to the system

  3. System Acceptance Test
    VSAT Network performance test as a guidance for customer to Operate New VSAT Network System that already installed.

  4. Preventive Maintenance
    Regular maintenance/System checking on under contract VSAT Systems as early detection to major problem.

  5. Corrective Maintenance
    Troubleshoot VSAT System from improperly network operation.

  6. Training Local or Overseas
    Introducing Customer for the new System including remote Installation and HUB Operation locally and abroad.

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