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Power System

  • To provide DC voltage input for telecommunication equipments which are reliable for continuous supply, our DC Power technology platform, the next-generation global technology platform that delivers the most rigorous network-power applications, with an unparalleled breadth of intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control and monitoring systems. The system is designed to withstand the most rigorous network power applications - available in Mini, Small, Medium and Large power configurations.

    Modular rectifiers with floating and CDC application for a scalable network deployment.
    BTS, BSC, MSC and transmission system support for cellular network DC power requirement.

  • Refers to Uninterruptible Power Supply system (UPS) which provide AC input to AC output with range of products that are suitable to your requirements.

    Offline, Line Interactive, True Online UPS. 1kVA-20kVA System with optional SNMP based monitoring capability, and large system UPS from 10-400kVA. Our UPS system offers the widest range of sizes including desktop, rack mount, and enterprise system for full facility power.

  • Power Equipment and Environment Monitoring system is applicable to monitoring in real time and managing in unity power supply equipment (power system, battery, UPS, generator and low voltage distributor), air conditioning equipments and environment (door alarm, temperature, humidity, smoke detection, and water immersion) in telecom exchanges and base stations). Total solution including hardware, software and transmission products. The monitoring solution can be customized to adapt to different regions, different requirement and conditions for fixed and mobile telecom networks. It supports real time data collection and maintenance analysis data that should be able to improve maintenance efficiency and cuts maintenance cost.

    The data could be passed through via existing transmission link, connected to BTS's external alarm system, or could be submitted via GPRS link based on the desired configuration and result.

    Power Management System Site Configuration
  • Maintaining precise temperature for reliable equipment performance. We deliver chip-to-room cooling the most comprehensive range of precision-cooling solutions, which protect mission-critical applications from even the slightest increase in temperature.

    From the smallest server room to large data center building, we offer a wide range of solution for precision cooling system with customized design and products to meet your company's requirement.

    Suspended modules in hot aisle-cold aisle arrangement

    Hot aisle-cold aisle arrangement with under-floor source
  • Issues of power limitation on some areas in Indonesia effects service provider's ability to execute opportunity on potential subscribers. Alternative power solutions are not commonly used in telecommunications systems today, but are being actively evaluated for difficult locations and limited deployments have been made. Industrial and even domestic solar solutions are now widely available at increasingly affordable prices. Bringing these technologies into Telecommunications applications is expected to bring cost savings and operational advantages to operators and telecommunications service to remote areas.

    The development of high efficiency and affordable solar power has progressed to the point that domestic solutions are feasible in areas of high sunlight. New solar cell technologies are moving the price point steadily down at a time when fossil fuels are increasing in cost. In addition many countries have incentives such as grants to encourage people to buy and use these systems, and when there is excess power this can be sold back to the local power company. Once installed solar arrays require minimal maintenance, though occasional cleaning will prevent a gradual loss of panel efficiency from dust or bird droppings. Cloud and rainfall may reduce power output for a period, but can have the benefit of cleaning the solar panel surface. Mechanically pointing the array directly at the sun will increase output, particularly at the start and end of the day. Nonetheless, this additional automation increases cost and may add to maintenance levels required. Modeling the local conditions will assist in determining whether a larger static array or a smaller pointing array will be preferable in terms of cost and maintenance.

    In order to support renewable energy mission for a cleaner and carbon free power generation, we build a custom designed solution to meet a desired requirement which should be able to provide equipments power supply. Every solution could be put in general, but mostly customization regarding capacity and budget restrain should be considered. Either DC or AC voltage output; PWM or MPPT solar charge controller; Either Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, Amorphous, or latest CIS module of thin film panel technology are available at our solution range.

    Solar Power System for BTS Configuration
  • Hydrogen Fuel cells alternative energy for Base Station. The innovative and industry-specific solutions are based on the combination of fuel cell technology and efficient energy management.

    Particularly for the telecommunications industry, the use of this technology pays off in every way. That is because three fundamental requirements are perfectly interconnected: very efficient energy usage, very high reliability in energy supply - and a very environmentally friendly form of power generation.
  • As the Worlds Telecommunication systems are increasing in coverage it is even more important to have dependable reliable quality Telecom standby batteries.

    There are two major Telecoms Battery applications; therefore two solutions are available based on design and requirements. The two solutions are:

    • Standby power where the Telecom batteries are continuously charged by the Utility power and only occasionally, in the event of a power outage, are the batteries discharged. For these applications our solution is Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries in 6 and 12 volt Monobloc and for larger capacity systems 2 volt cells according to capacity and budget requirements.
    • Standby power where the Telecom batteries are to be used in areas with poor quality or unreliable Utility power or where the Telecom batteries are to be charged by Solar, Wind or Diesel Generator in cyclic operation. For this application the batteries must be suitable for use in float service and or in deep cycle application. For this application our solution is deep Cycled gelled electrolyte (GEL) batteries.

    We provide either local or imported high quality batteries with carefully designed and application based capacity calculation.
  • The requirements of continuous and reliable power supply for base station and transmission system is essential to ensure sustainability of telecommunication service. A dependable supply for energy from electrical company to supply equipments at telecommunication tower site is most important, whereas in some regions in Indonesia new line or capacity upgrade to site even in downtown area are hard to get.

    To overcome this situation, we are pleased to offer a system with acceptable service level, thus enable operators to reduce their CAPEX on power system and backup equipments such as Gensets, Rectifiers and batteries and also OPEX cost of Genset maintenance, battery replacement and power engineers for troubleshooting.

    Our system is based on Charge Discharge (CDC) solution using cyclic batteries as hybrid backup for gensets. With a sophisticated engineering design to provide compact system which could be placed on a simple made plinth, the complete power system shall be a compact outdoor cabinet with genset, fuel tank, rectifier and batteries inside.

    Compact CDC Cabinet with Solar Panels

    Some configurations of power equipments are available either hybrid with existing line, Genset - battery or add on solar power system, the system should be able to compensate requirements of reliable power supply to ensure cellular operators be able to focus on their core business, which is telecommunication services by developing contents and value added services to customer and leave all power system hustle to us.

    With long experience in Telecommunication industry, PT. Abhimata Citra Abadi understands clearly the requirements of telecommunication equipments required by service providers, and based on that knowledge we are pleased to offer the system which is proper design wise and commercially wise.

    DC Generator System Configuration

    AC Generator System Configuration

    Genset and Solar Power System Configuration

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