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Iot & In-Building Solutions

Internet of Things (Iot)

Shared In-Building Wireless Infrastructure (Multi Operator System)

  • Single infrastructure for multiple wireless technologies: GSM/2G, UMTS/3G, CDMA, supporting WiFi, and WiMax
  • Common coverage and equal quality for multiple wireless operators through single network deployment
  • The right solution for building and property owners, wireless operators, and wireless subscribers

Minimized Engineering Efforts and Equipments

Our distributed antenna systems (DAS) are literally a full generation ahead of competing distributed antenna system technologies. The structured cabling architecture of products greatly simplifies engineering efforts and equipment needs. The fiber and CATV cabling solution produces "zero loss" from input to output regardless of cable lengths. Thus, RF signal levels at the antenna points are accurately known and coverage easily predicted. This design results in more power being delivered to the antenna than any of our competitors. Thus, higher power at the antenna means better coverage and sensitivity is achieved with less electronics.

Minimized Infrastructure Deployment

Our fiber and CATV cabling solution takes advantage of LAN topology standards. Expensive and time-consuming runs of coaxial cable are not required when using our solutions. 80% of most modern building structures have existing fiber and additional CATV cable available if needed. As a result, our systems are easy and quick to install whilst utilizing existing cabling infrastructure.

Minimized Operations & Maintenance Tasks

Our solutions are designed from the ground up to have the most advanced alarming and maintenance capability of any distributed antenna system in today's market. Every part of system is monitored (remotely or locally) - including the passive elements. All major sub-components including power supplies, amplifiers, oscillators, link-sync, etc are alarmed. Each system component has a microprocessor and a memory chip in it. This allows us to monitor the performance of components over time and raise an alarm when something is trending towards failure - while it is still within specification.

Minimized Your Risks

We offer other services to enhance our solutions offering. Site survey, design, installation, and commissioning can be taken care of simply and effectively, freeing your technical resources. Our solutions support all licensed wireless frequencies and all standards/protocols for GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) and CDMA. Our solutions is registered for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, ensuring that our quality management and environmental systems comply with international standards of excellence.

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