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Our Solutions

Infrastructure Managed Access System Services

  1. Planning and Design
    Planning and design network to meet customer requirements.

  2. Product Demo
    Product demo not only to demonstrate how to operate and configure managed access system product, we also show the interconnection capabilities with other vendor.

  3. Function Test
    Before delivery we test some major function of that products to make sure the product will be function properly although already tested and passed quality control in the factory.

  4. Installation
    Since 1995 we have been doing managed access system products installation. We believe that we are the expert to give customer satisfaction.

  5. Commissioning and Hardware Integration
    After installation we do commissioning and integration between one site to the other and managed access system product with other vendor which same standard until they can communicate.

  6. Consultation & Troubleshooting
    Based on experience and skill we got since 1995, most of trouble in customer network we can solved rapidly.

  7. Training
    We offer on-site training, local and overseas training.

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